Sermon 1-21-2018
There Is Help Available

Sermon 1-14-2018
It Won't Fly

Sermon 1-7-2018
Happy New Year

Sermon 12-31-2017
A 2018 Simulator

Choir Cantata
December 24, 2017
Joint Choirs of Judson Baptist and Harrison Street Baptist Church

December 17, 2017
Christmas Puppet Program

Sermon 12-10-2017
Hold Me Together

Sermon 12-3-2017
What Does God Want for Christmas

Sermon 11-19-2017
How to Give Thanks

Sermon 10-29-2017
Dangerous Don'ts

Sermon 10-8-2017
Peter's Resume

Sermon 10-1-2017
Your Check Engine Light

Sermon 8-6-2017
Stopped in Your Tracks

Sermon 7-30-2017
A Time to Laugh

Sermon 7-16-2017

Sermon 7-9-2017
When May I Expect Payment

Sermon 7-2-2017
Pray and Go to Bed

Sermon 6:25-2017
Wait in Prayer

Sermon 6-18-2017
Wait on Vacation

Sermon 6-11-2017
Why Would Anyone Want To?

Sermon 6-4-2017
Don't Leave Home Without It

Sermon 5-28-2017
How Do You Get to Heaven?

Sermon 5-14-2017
A Gift Suggestion for Mothers Day

Sermon 5-7-2017
How It Works

Sermon 4-23-2017
With Empty Hands

Easter 2017

Easter Baptism

April 9, 2017
Easter Puppet Program

Sermon 3-26-2017
It Was a Bomb

Sermon 3-12-2017

Sermon 2-26-2017
Ken or Bill and Steve

Sermon 2-12-2017
Mom's Old Dishes

Sermon 2-05-2017
Grumpy Old Men

Sermon 1-29-2017
Liar, Liar

Sermon 1-22-2017

Sermon 1-1-2017

Choir Cantata 12-25-2016
Once You've Seen the Star

Sermon 12-11-2016
Christmas, A time for Eating?

Sermon 11-27-2016
A Hood Latch?

Sermon 11-20-2016
The Book of Jashar

Sermon 11-13-2016
Joshua and Jericho

Sermon 10-2-2016
Operation Mincemeat

Sermon 9-4-2016
Craig Listrom

Sermon 8-14-2016
No Excuses

Sermon 7-24-2016
Shoot Your Kids

Sermon 7 10 2016
Jesus Is Coming

Sermon 7-3-2016
The Power of the Cross

Sermon 6-26-2016
Help in Prayer

Sermon 6-19-2016
A Dad's Best Gift

Sermon 6-12-2016
Be Filled Part Two

Sermon 5:29-2016
Be Filled with the Spirit

Sermon 3-13-2016
Do Not Be Afraid

Sermon 3-6-2016
David and Jonathan

Sermon 2-28-2016
Not Even Close

Sermon 2-14-2016
Love Is Great Except When It's Not

Sermon 1-17-2016
You Can't Get Away with Sin

Sermon 1-10-2016
The Second Coming of Jesus

Sermon 1-3-2016
The Wisemen

Sermon 12-27-2015
They Sent the Factory Guy

Sermon December 6, 2015
Good News of Great Joy

Sermon 11-29-2015
The Bayer Effect

Sermon 11-15-2015
Sermon on 1 Samuel 8

Sermon 11-8-15
Sermon on 1 Samuel 7

Sermon 11-1-2015
Fifth Sermon on 1 Samuel


Sermon 10-18-2015
Sermon on 1 Samuel 4

Sermon 10-11-2015
Third Sermon on 1 Samuel

Sermon 10-4-2015
Second Sermon on 1 Samuel

Sermon 9-27-2015
Sermon on 1 Samuel 1-2

Sermon 9-13-2015
Sermon by Steve Frazee

Sermon 9-6-2015

Sermon by Steve Frazee from Open Door Mission

Sermon 8-16-2015
Mondays Will Never Be the Same

Sermon 8-9-2015
You Shall Not Covet

Sermon 8-2-2015
You Shall Not Make Excuses

Sermon 7-26-2015
You Shall Not Bear False Witness

Sermon 7-19-2015
You Shall Not Steal

Sermon 7-5-2015
You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Sermon 6-28-2015
You Shall Not Murder

Sermon June 21, 2015
This Sermon Is About Honoring Our Parents

Sermon June 14, 2015
This Sermon Is About Making Sunday a "Date Night" with God.

Sermon 6-7-2015
This Sermon is About the First Three 10 Commandments
God Wants to be Treated Like Husbands Want Their Wives to Treat Them

Sermon 5-31-2015
This Sermon is About Giving God a Blank Check

Sermon 5-24-2015
This Sermon Is About Our Constant Battle with Sin

Mother's Day Sermon 5-10-2015

This Sermon Is About The Journey Mothers Are On

Sermon 5-3-2015
This Sermon Is About the Passover

Sermon 4-26-2015 "Aflac"
This Sermon Is About What God Taught Us About Himself at The Red Sea

Sermon 4-19-2015 "He Should Have Known Better"
This sermon is about how Pharaoh avoided doing what God wanted.

Sermon 4-12-2015  "The Oreo Test"
This sermon is about how we avoid doing what God wants.
The video includes the Children's Sermon

 Easter Sermon 4-5-2015  "Butter, Clay, Brick"
This sermon is about the cause and cure for Spiritual stubbornness.